Kashmir Forts

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Kashmir Forts

Hari Parbat fort

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To the west of the Srinagar City is the much lower hill of Hari Parbhat, which is surrounded by a fort. On this hill is the temple of Sharika Devi believed to be a form of Durga Mata or Shakti. The Mughal emperor's fort crowns the peak of Hari Parbat hill. There is little of its former glory now, but the ramparts are still impressive and the old apartments within the fort, even though in a state of ruin, still convey at least a little of the grandeur of the Mughals summer retreat in "paradise". The forest was later developed by an Afghan governor, Atta Mohammad Khan, in the 18th century



Chenab Valley

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Chenab Valley With Scenic Beauty Valley's Like Kishtwar Valley and Bhaderwah Valley.

Kishtwar is about 150 kms from Srinagar summer capital of state Jammu and Kashmir via Sinthan Top,and about 250 kms away from Jammu Winter capital of the state via Patnitop.Kishtwar is melange of towering peaks,turbulent rivers alpine meadows and highly venerated shrines,home to some of the highest peaks in the greater himalayas and intimidating river chenab,Kishtwar is an adventure enthusiasts delight. It offers tremendous opportunities for mountaineering,trekking,river rafting and other adventure activities peaks like the Brahma,Sickle moon,Eiger,Burmal,Shivling,all over 6,000 mts,have attracted mountaineers for years.
The river Chenab and its tributaries the Chandra and Bhaga pose the ultimate challenge for white water rafters.The Kishtwar Zanskar range is ideal for high passes like Umasi-la which is over 17,000 ft.Kishtwar is also known for important shrines and yatras,two of the most venerated shrines are the Shah Asrar-ud-din and Shah Farid-ud-din,which draw thousands of devotees.
The Machail yatra and the yatra to Sarthal Devi are the major religion events of this region.Poshal on the outskirts of the Kishtwar town is the only other area in the state beside Pulwama in Kashmir which grows high quality Saffron.

Bhaderwah Valley is an altitude about 1,613 metres or 5,292 feet above from sea level in Doda District.The festive mood in the district begins with the melting of snow in April and the sprouting of greenery all round.Predominantly a mountainous town situated about 80 kilometres from Batote.Kailash yatra is a pilgrimage of the area which is considered an important hindu pilgrimage.
Bhaderwah offers to the tourists a variety of beautiful landscape,colourful local fairs,important festival mood and unique mosaic culture,extremely and pleasant summer tempesture ranges from 18 degrees to 32 degrees,popularly called Chota-Kashmir,has bewitching natural beauty which enthrills any visitor,All the places of tourist-interest are at an arms length.A full and majestic view of Bhaderwah Valley with snow capped Ashapati and Kailash peaks in background makes a visitor wonder struck and amazed.One falls in love with Bhaderwah at first sight.


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Aharbal gradually the distant rumble becomes a roar as one approach the waterfall of Aharbal.Which crashes down a narrow gorge.

Aharbal is more than just a waterfall. There several places to picnic in the surrounding areas,as well as delightful walks of varying lengths all over the hillsides.

Interesting treks one of them to high altitude lake of Kounsernag at 13500 ft above from sea level takes off from Aharbal.


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Achabal once the pleasure retreat of empress Nur Jahan,Achabal is altitude about is 1,677 mts above from sea level has a fine garden in the mughal style,with its own special charm and character.
It was in Kashmir that the Mughal Garden was brought to perfection,and Achabal is one such masterpiece.Situated at the foot of a hill with a row of majestic chinars framing it,the Mughal Garden is a visual delight with their stepped terraces,formal elegance ornamental shrubs,sparkling fountains and falling water.
Achabal is 58 kms from Srinagar via Ananthnag in south Kashmir.Chatapal Valley,About 20 kms from Achabal tourism department develop a new tourist destination namely Chatapal Valley tourist spot is a reviving experience the bracing mountain air,The solitude the densely clad hills,and beyond them snow covered mountains all contribute to Chatapal's mystique making it the perfect retreat.


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